W IX, wool
75 x 80 x 10 cm

The objects from my series "Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors" narrate a partially autobiographical tale through their abstract forms, capturing both the happenings around me and the events of the past. These narratives are filtered through the experiences of my grandparents, who lived in Galicia, situated on the border with Ukraine and in proximity to Krakow. Recently, I've come to recognize the significance of their stories and the landscapes they "inhabited", now abandoned, as a mediated heritage. This realization has shed light on the profound influence they have on my art.
In my search for both personal and collective identity, I construct a bridge between the past and the present. Wool, functioning as an ecological material, assumes a pivotal role. It serves not only as a thread connecting the dots on the biographical map but also as a declaration: in an era marked by advancing technology, there is a heightened need for the preservation of forgotten crafts and ecological materials.