Chata Popielicy
Chata Popielicy, miejsce w środku lasu, na skraju polany, na obrzeżach mapy Polski. Przez kilkanaście lat miejsce to ładowało mnie energią, uczyło, relaksowało i inspirowało. Przyciągało przyjaciół i znajomych. 
Jak każdy projekt - ma swój początek i koniec.  
August 2017
January 2019
January 2019
Is there anything nicer than listening to your favourite vinyls in the middle of the forest?
The place is friendly to everyone
At the neighbour with a friend of mine (some of our friends travel thousand of kilometers to get here)
This is what you definitely need in the forest: comfortable and rough wellingtons
Very rarely I have some free time from doing the house up, and I can do my art
Three dormouse babies found in the bucket, of course we let them free
We can buy milk products from the local dairy (I think one of the best in Poland), vegetables and eggs directly from the farmer
Already a tradition: hot potatoes
Do you see some differences at the same stove in 2018? Photo taken in August 2007
Our first visit at the house, August 2007